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Spring Bulbs

Spring Bulbs

As we inch closer and closer to the Spring equinox, we are reminded of what it means to transition. March brings a long, deep inhale of warmth and sunshine for our soul, one that we all longed for but forgot how much we needed after the many cold, grey days of Winter. 

It is a month that dances between what was and what will be, with warm whispers of balmy days ahead and cool reminders that have us reflecting on the roots we established on those cold winter days. 

With the fresh air smelling of earth and dirt, and the birds singing their classic spring hymns, we’re itching to see those brave bloomers we planted in the Fall to welcome this beautiful new season. If you didn’t have the chance to plan your Spring garden this past Fall, we’ve brought in some staple bulbs that have already started to show their faces! 

Varieties of Spring Bulbs available here at Anna’s: 

  • Crocus: Known for their colourful show of revival in the final days of winter and early days of spring, these dainty flowers can be planted almost anywhere with minimal care. Known to neutralize (spread) and come back year after year. 
  • Hyacinth: Characterized by their sweet fragrance, narrow leaves that are folded lengthwise and spike clusters of dense flowers that resemble little starfish. Ideally, these perennial blooms are planted in full sun.  
  • Iris: These showy perennial flowers are distinguished by their tall beautiful blooms and are named after the Greek goddess who rode rainbows. This June bloomer attracts butterflies and hummingbirds and grows best in full sun- rugged, reliable and easy to grow! 
  • Mini Daffodil: The quintessential spring flower, this hardy, easy to grow perennial is known for its big sunny flowers- happiest dancing in a spot that offers full sun or partial sun. 
  • Muscari (Grape Hyacinths): This beautiful Spring perennial looks like a miniature hyacinth- also going by the name blue bells and bluebonnets, its looks like it has little beads or bells of cobalt blue with a grape juice fragrance. A mid-spring bloomer, Muscari prefers sun or partial shade placement. 
  • Tulip: This large, showy, brightly coloured perennial jewel blooms in early-mid Spring, ranging in colour varieties Tulips prefer a site with full or afternoon sun. 

**Subject to availability based on seasonality and while supplies last**

Overall Bulb Care Instructions: 

  • Medium Light 
  • Moderate Moist Soil 
  • Remove flowers after blooming 
  • Maintain plant at moderate temperatures till leaves turn brown 
  • Store bulbs in a cool place 
  • Plant bulbs outdoors in the fall 

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