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Repotting & Caring for your Indoor Plants

Repotting & Caring for your Indoor Plants

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As the damp spring weather nurses our outdoor world back to life, it’s important that we remember to take the same care for our indoor plants.

These longer, sunnier days are going to bring your plants lots of growth, that’s for certain. It’s important, that during this time of year, we ensure our plants have pots large enough to support their growth. Some signs that you may need to repot are:
  • If roots protrude from the bottom of the pot.


  • If your plant is root bound. Meaning, roots have no room to grow and follow the circular shape of the pot. If not repotted, they will eventually overwhelm the pot and strangle the plant.

  • If your plant has stopped growing or become limp. 

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There are a couple of things you should know about pots before you run out to pick up a replacement. That’s right, all pots are not created equal. But that’s ok, all pots are usable, we just need to address their drainage capabilities before we begin.

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Ideally, if you want your plant to thrive, a pot with drainage holes and a saucer is best. I love these pots from Border Concepts. They are timeless and look great with any décor style, plus they come in a variety of sizes and colours and are perfect for any indoor plant.

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The majority of decorative plant pots do not have drainage holes. Some people will advise that you add rocks to the bottom to allow the water to sit below the roots. This is actually not a great idea. Adding pebbles reduces the growing area for the roots and hastens the decline of the potting soil.  

That being said, a lack of holes doesn't have to be a deal breaker. You could either:
  • 1.  Simply drill a hole and add a saucer. Easy peasy!

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  • 2.  Keep you plant in a growers pot and insert it into the decorative pot.

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Ok, lets get started! I have a couple plants at home that are needing a little TLC.
Firstly, this Fiddle leaf has been looking pretty lack luster, and sadly, I’ve been avoiding doing anything because it’s just too big for me to deal with alone.
If you have plant that looks stressed and is too big to repot there are still some solutions to help it grow stronger. It is recommended that you ‘top dress’ the soil by carefully removing the top few inches of soil and replacing it with new compost.

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Now let's get to work on the smaller indoor plants. To begin, lightly water the plant about an hour before repotting, then gently remove it by turning the pot upside down. Turning it upside down uses gravity to help with the job, it is never recommended to yank the plant out by the stem.

When transplanting it’s usually a good idea to softly loosen the root ball to encourage new growth. If you are repotting into the same size pot, you may want to prune the roots, otherwise, only cut away any dead or rotted roots.

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Now you are ready to add potting soil to the new pot. As a rule of thumb, when transplanting you should only repot a plant one size up. Despite popular belief, moving up in size too quickly can slow growth.

Gently set the plant in the new pot and backfill with soil or compost. Try not to plant it deeper than it was in its previous pot. One of the main causes of plant collapse is planting too deep. Give it a good watering (until water seeps from the drainage holes) and top with soil if needed.

Now that we've covered repotting, here are just a couple more
of tips to keep in mind when tending to your indoor plants:
  • most store-bought soils have fertilizer in them, generally, there is no need to fertilize for about 6 weeks. After that, most houseplants can be fertilized monthly.
  • Dusty leaves can interfere with photosynthesis, for optimum health, don't forget your green buddies when dusting.
  • Don't over water. Different plants require different watering schedules. Rather than choosing one day per week to be 'watering day', check in on your plants, if the top inch of soil is dry, or separating from the pot, it's time to water!

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