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Peperomia Frost

Peperomia Frost

This week we’re excited to introduce you to the much anticipated Peperomia Frost, an adorable charmer! Low-care, and easy to get along with, this houseplant is one that we would suggest to any beginner plant parent. Native to the West Indies, South America, and Mexico you can find Peperomia growing in the cool understory of the rainforests. Slow growing and compact, Peperomia can often be mistaken as succulents, however, they require more water and humidity. 

Adored for their green leaves with unique frost covering and dark veining, the Peperomia Frost or Silver Peperomia makes a beautiful statement houseplant or the perfect accompaniment plant in a terrarium. Peperomia Frost is non-toxic and pet-friendly! 

Peperomia Care and Maintenance 

  • Light: bright, indirect light. Able to tolerate lower light conditions. 
  • Water: let the soil dry fairly thoroughly and then provide a deep watering. Allow water to run through the drainage holes, and do not allow the plant to sit in water. Reduce watering during the winter months. Only water when the leaves begin to look slightly droopy. 
  • Humidity: will tolerate average household humidity, however, added humidity is ideal. Utilize a humidifier, mist, or place a pebble tray below.
  • Temperature: prefers temperatures between 65-75 degrees.
  • Fertilizer: Water-soluble 20-20-20 monthly during growing months. Do not fertilize during the winter months. 
  • Maintenance:  Pinch back spindly stems as needed to help your Peperomia maintain a full, bushy shape. 
  • Potting: When you repotting Silver Frost, don’t overdo it. Just move up to the next size pot when your plant becomes rootbound. Peperomia does better with less root space. A shallow pot is a better choice than a deep one. 
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