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Nature Meets Design: The Enchanting World of Backyard Bliss

Nature Meets Design: The Enchanting World of Backyard Bliss

As a mother of two, I know how important it is to create a space where you can relax and unwind after a long day. That’s why I’ve made it a priority to transform our backyard into a peaceful oasis that brings joy to the whole family and enhances our wellbeing. With the right plants and décor, you too can create your own backyard bliss.

One of the easiest ways to add a sense of calm to your outdoor space is by incorporating lots of greenery and flowers. Whether you have a large yard with room to roam, or a quaint balcony, adding planters around your seating area is a fantastic way to add tranquility. Our little firepit area is much more inviting with the help of a shepherds stick and pretty hanging pots! To make this area even more comfortable I incorporated these beautiful candle stakes to hold citronella candles and keep the pesky mosquitos at bay. I just love when décor meets function!

Candle stake $39.99 | 12" begonia/lys/spider mix $24.99 | 5'4" wrought iron shepherd stick $59.99

If you want to add some greenery to your backyard, but don’t have a lot of space, consider a vertical garden. You can use hanging baskets to create a stunning display of plants that will also free up floor space. This is perfect for small yards or balconies. A nice mandevilla or clematis would be a beautiful addition to put in a large pot with an obelisk to climb as well. All of this can be found at Anna's! We also carry a selection of outdoor décor to pretty up your space. From butterfly wall hangings to wind chimes or hanging orbs, there are so many options for outside décor.

14" turquoise butterfly $29.99 | 6" annual dahlias $9.99 | 9" outdoor pot $49.99 (currently on sale for additional 40% off)

I love surrounding myself with plants, both inside and out. What I didn’t realize until writing this blog was what an impact a rug makes to the outdoor seating area. Let me show you the 3-phase transformation of this little area on the deck. The first is undecorated, but with a nice conversation set:

Here’s the same space, but with planters, pots and cushions added:

Select Outdoor pots -currently on sale for additional 40% off | Outdoor cushions $49.99 |
Hampton 30" plant stand $49.99 | 10" Majesty palm $24.99 | Assorted planters -prices vary

Lastly, here’s the space again, with all of the above, plus an outdoor area rug.

Select Outdoor pots -currently on sale for additional 40% off | Outdoor cushions $49.99 |
Hampton 30" plant stand $49.99 | 10" Majesty palm $24.99 | Assorted planters -prices vary | 5' x 8' outdoor rug $149.99

Isn’t it incredible what a little pop of colour does to transform this area?! Adding a rug helps to ground the space and set it apart from the other areas of the deck. Anna’s carries a wonderful selection of indoor/outdoor area rugs in many different colours and sizes. I purchased the Sunshower design in blue and am in love with it. It has a gorgeous high-quality weave and really adds to our space.

5' x 8' outdoor rug $149.99 | Mixed Succulent bowl $39.99

A backyard serves many different purposes. It can be a place to entertain, to play, to relax and to observe. It is a place of growth and a place where valuable lessons are learned.

12" petunia hanging basket $16.99

It’s important to us that our kids spend time outside as well.  Not only for the health benefits of fresh air and grass underfoot, but some of the best learning is done in nature. We’ve made sure to create lots of inviting areas for little ones to play. This tire swing has already provided countless hours of fun. Also, it's nice to give the kids an option for independent play while the adults sit and chat 😉

Blue angel Hosta $19.99

This little mud kitchen that my mom had made sits in a clearing behind the gazebo. After adding some annual flowers (begonias and hibiscus) to spruce up the garden nearby, it is in the perfect location to make ‘stews and pies’. The kids have so much fun using petals and dirt to serve us their concoctions under the whimsical ivy adorned gazebo. They spend an incredible amount of time quietly observing and turning up rocks to see which bugs can be found. This garden is theirs to play in. Whether inspecting flowers, watching the goldfish or watering the flowers, it's a space for them to enjoy. Seeing the magic and mystery through a child’s eyes is one of my greatest pleasures in life.

6" hibiscus $19.99 | 4" begonia $2.99

There are countless ways that a backyard can be customized to suit your lifestyle. These warmer days bring a seamless blend between our living spaces and the great outdoors. When we can spend time routinely in our yard and make it an extension of our home – life just seems to get a little sweeter.

Whether you add string lights for evening atmosphere, a speaker to set the mood, décor to warm your soul, or flowers to fill your heart, my hope is that this season you find a way to make the most of your outside space.


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