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Bold and showy, Mandevilla is known to add some drama to landscapes and container gardens. This tropical vine bears a nonstop supply of large, trumpet-shaped blooms in beautiful shades of red, pink, and white.  Mandevilla can also make a lovely addition to garden beds and borders but is most frequently used to climb up and over arbours and trellises.

Mandevilla is a frequent-flowerer and as a result, can be grown on its own or in combination with other flowers and foliage.


Mandevilla is best grown in full sun and enjoys moist, but not overly wet soil.  Due to its tropical nature, Mandevilla cannot tolerate frost and is considered an annual in our climate.  Mandevilla can be moved indoors and treated as a houseplant in the winter if you so wish. You may want to cut back the plant by up to one-third after bringing it indoors. Once in your home, place your Mandevilla in bright, indirect light. Water the plant when the soil is dry to the touch. In the spring, when the temperatures are consistently above 50 F/10 C, remove any dead leaves and move your Mandevilla plant back outside to enjoy another summer.

Care & Maintenance for Mandevilla:

Light: Full sun or partial shade

Water: Allow soil to dry slightly between watering. Ensure adequate drainage. 

Fertilizer: Water soluble 20-20-20- every 2 weeks during spring and summer

Soil: Mandevilla enjoys sandy, well-draining soil with plenty of organic material mixed in. A good soil mix for Mandevilla plants includes two parts peat moss or potting soil to one part builder’s sand.

Maintenance: Low maintenance. Heat and drought tolerant. Pinch your Mandevilla to create a bushier and fuller plant by simply using your fingers to pinch off 1/4 to 1/2 inch off the end of each stem. Protect from cold temperatures. 

Growth: 5-10′ tall 

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