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Identifying your Home Décor Style

Identifying your Home Décor Style

Plants and home decor, two things we’re passionate about, and two things that we believe should go hand in hand.  Anna’s not only carries a large variety of indoor and outdoor plants and flowers, but we also offer a great selection of home decor to suit any style.

There are many different home decor styles, and pinpointing exactly what style you fall under can be easier said than done.  In our opinion, people typically fall under more than one style category, but we do believe that everyone has a foundation style.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to home decor, and we love that it allows you to express your style, passions and personality.

We’ve broken down and briefly talked about four popular decor styles; Modern Farmhouse, Urban Boho, Nautical and Transitional.  

Modern Farmhouse 

The Modern Farmhouse Style has become incredibly popular over the last few years, and there’s a reason why so many people have embraced it.  It embodies the perfect combination of rustic, industrial and modern, all while giving off a welcoming and “homey” atmosphere.   Typical traits of the modern farmhouse style include, a combination of black (modern), white, wood (country/rustic/earthy) and touches of softness through rugs, pillows and throw blankets.  

One of the many things that we love about this decor style is how it incorporates both old and new, for example, adding a rustic or antique furniture piece with a modern round metal mirror.  Another key characteristic of this style is shiplap, a feature made popular by our favourite duo, Chip & Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper.  Shiplap (typically painted white) adds a crisp, clean feel and added visual interest.  It aids in achieving that country farmhouse style without going too country and allows you to easily incorporate modern design aspects.

Here are some of our favourite Modern Farmhouse decor pieces found right here at Anna’s.

1. //  Ceramic vases – Large $24.99 Small $14.99
These two ceramic vases are a great choice when looking to accent your shelves, mantel, tables or dresser.  We like staggering similar items at different heights as well as adding texture, and these two vases achieve both of these decor goals.

2. //  Faux Boxwood Wreath – $39.99
This wreath is simple and fresh, a great way of adding a pop of green to your front door from Spring to Summer.

3. //  Throw Pillow – $29.99
Throw pillows are the perfect way to add pattern, texture, colour and style to any space.  We love that they are affordable, which makes it easy to change things up for every holiday or season.

4. //  Farmer’s Market Sign – $39.99
This black and white metal Farmer’s Market sign is the perfect addition to any farmhouse inspired interior.  It looks great above doors, your kitchen window or any blank wall in your kitchen, dining room or pantry.

Urban Boho

The boho decor style can be seen everywhere these days, it has been well known for being eclectic, artistic and full of visual interest.  Over the last few years, the boho style has evolved into something that is fresh and modern, designers are calling it “Urban Boho”.  It still offers the same popular elements of boho (rattan, macrame and textiles), but with a twist.  This new boho style incorporates a lot of different textures through the use of leather and wicker furniture, tasselled and fringed throw pillows and blankets, baskets for plants and storage, the list goes on.  The boho style can range from vibrant and bold to a more neutral palette, but either way, it offers a welcoming, cozy feel.  What we love about this decor style is how it usually incorporates a lot of greenery into the design.  Plants play a large role in completing the boho look and showcasing plants add yet another layer of texture, not only with the foliage but with pots, baskets and macrame plant hangers.

Here are some of our favourite Urban Boho pieces you can find at Anna’s.

1. //  Large Pot – $44.99
Like we mentioned earlier, plants can play an important role in attaining a boho interior.  This beautiful pot gives off perfect boho vibes and is ideal for housing a wide range of plants, from a snake plant, a ZZ plant or a medium size cactus.

2. // Medium Pot – $29.99 Cactus – $19.99
Pairing the previous large pot and this smaller one together is a match made in heaven.  They compliment each other perfectly while adding two very different patterns to your space.  We’ve paired this pot with a prickly cactus and we love the way this looks!

3. // Woven Placemat – $14.99
The boho space is all about texture through the use of; baskets, plants, pillows, throws and macrame.  These woven placemats are not only great for adding visual interest and texture to your place settings, but they can also be placed under plant pots or even hung on the wall.  

4. //  Macrame Wall Hanging – $29.99
One of our favourite parts of the boho style is the use of wall hangings and macrame.  Macrame has made a huge comeback the last few years and we’re so happy to see it back through wall hangings and plant hangers.  This beautiful macrame piece can be left as it is or you can insert small cups to the existing pockets to add fresh or faux greens.  


The nautical look is classic, one that will never go out of style.  With Kingsville and area located right by Lake Erie, the nautical theme is popular for both homes and cottages.  Choosing the right colour scheme is key to achieving a nautical or coastal interior.  Colours in the blue and green family are best suited for this style, with the navy being an obvious choice and of course while being a key player in the mix. We thought we’d show you a fresh take on nautical decor by incorporating some more vibrant colours like turquoise and seafoam.

Popular materials and sailing paraphernalia often used in nautical decor include rope, driftwood, shells, lanterns, netting and sand.
Being near the water usually evokes a sense of calm and relaxation, and many people love vacationing or living near the water for these very reasons.  The nautical design embraces that waterfront lifestyle with all it’s crisp, clean and fresh goodness.

1. // Large $39.99 Small $24.99
If you live near the water you’re guaranteed to see these birds, yes seagulls!  There are so many different ways to add texture and interest when decorating with the nautical theme.  These beautiful driftwood seagull pieces add a subtle touch of two key elements associated with the beach and living near the water.  

2. //  Ceramic Canisters – Large $29.99 Small $19.99
Navy is always a go-to colour when you think of nautical, but we think adding some touches of vibrant seafoam and turquoise is a great, fresh alternative.  These canisters are not only beautiful pieces for your kitchen countertop, but they offer a practical storage solution for your coffee, tea bags, sugar, and so much more.

3. // Metal Sign – $14.99
Whether you like your walls full of decor or you’re more of a minimalist, finding the perfect pieces can sometimes be a challenge.  We believe that both looks can be beautiful, but sometimes cute signs placed in unexpected nooks, and small awkward walls really make space feel cozy and finished. We love this little metal sign because it’s clean, simple and gives off more of a modern nautical vibe.

4. //  Rug – $79.99
Adding rugs is another great way to add colour, pattern and texture to space.  We love that this rug has fresh colours that aren’t your typical nautical or coastal shades but still works, especially when you mix it with the seafoam/turquoise canisters.

5. //  Metal Lanterns – Large $99.99 Small $69.99
These rustic, white-washed metal lanterns are the perfect addition to any nautical space.  They are both quite large, with the biggest one standing just over 33″ tall, so they make quite the statement for any room, even your patio or front porch.  

6. //  Round Rope Mirror $129.99
Adding pieces that highlight sailing related materials like this rope are ideal for achieving the nautical style.  We love how this mirror is functional, provides chunky texture and is distinctly suited for a nautical interior.

7. //  Lake House Pillow $49.99
We love the shape of this plush throw pillow, it’s the ideal accent piece for a foyer bench, a couch/chair or placed front and centre on your bed.  


We’re all familiar with Traditional design, but we want to talk to you about Transitional Design.  Transitional style blends both traditional and contemporary design by using neutral backgrounds such as grey, beige and cream.  This decor style mixes classic curves, modern lines and transitional furniture and finishes.  An interior space that embodies a transitional style combines some traditional features, like the fireplace mantel design or built-in’s, with contrasting furniture that has modern lines.

Combining different textures (leather, metal, wood tones) and subtle geometric patterns is a great way to achieve the more casual vibes that transitional style offers.  For the most part, this style is very neutral, but adding pops of colour and repeated pattern are a welcome addition.   

1. //  Candle Holders – Large $29.99 Small $19.99
These cream candle holders are the perfect pair for accenting any of your surfaces.  The curvy design makes these pieces more traditional and offers visual interest with the two different heights.

2. //  Faux Plant – $34.99
We love both real and faux plants.  Faux plants are ideal for spaces where the sun doesn’t always provide enough sunlight, or spots that are too high to reach without a step stool (which means a real plant will most likely be unintentionally neglected).  This faux plant and pot adds a pop of green and also gives off a more contemporary look.  

3. //  Clock – $79.99
The transitional interior meshes classic curves and more contemporary materials and lines.  This clock is the perfect combination of traditional and modern.  The shiny silver metal finish mixed with the wooden base combines two contradicting materials, making it less formal and more casual.

4. //  Prints – $39.99 each
These beautiful prints offer a soft, subtle design with a neutral background and a more casual wood frame.  A great choice for any room in your transitional style home.

Do you fall under one decor style or do you find yourself loving a combination of two or more categories?  We love seeing what you find at Anna’s and how you use it in your home, be sure to tag us on social media #WelcomeToAnnas

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