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Glacier Eucalyptus

Glacier Eucalyptus

Being a native of Australia, Eucalyptus stands out as one of the most sought-after plants here at Anna’s. Revered for its soothing aroma and delicate foliage, it effortlessly brings a touch of elegance to any indoor or outdoor setting. Allow us to introduce you to the Glacier Eucalyptus.

In its natural Australian habitat, Eucalyptus trees can reach towering heights of up to 60 feet. However, when cultivated indoors, they typically grow to a more manageable 6-10 feet in height, featuring reddish-brown bark and leaves with a silvery to blue-green hue. What makes the Glacier Eucalyptus unique is its resilience to winter temperatures as low as -20°C, while still thriving in full sun or bright light.

Wondering what to do with your Eucalyptus? Of course, you can always take small cuttings to serve as a natural air freshener in any space. One of our preferred methods, though, is to hang it in the bathroom, particularly in the shower just below the shower head. This allows the Eucalyptus to release its delightful fragrance, creating a tranquil atmosphere perfect for unwinding and relaxation.

Care and Maintenance for Glacier Eucalyptus:

Interior Care: 

Light: Bright full  direct sunlight

Water: On average this sun-loving plant needs 1 cup or 250ml every two days. 

Soil: Moist and well-drained soil 

Temperature: 55°F to 72°F

Exterior Care: 

Planting: Plant no later than July to ensure roots have been established before winter in well-draining soil. Plant a few feet apart from each other to allow room to spread. 

Temperature: Winter hardy to -20°C.

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