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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig

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Around here, we have a real love for the Fiddle Leaf Fig, the longest standing, trending houseplant that can boldly fill a blank wall or corner of your home with its tall column-like stature and violin-shaped leaves. Their signature waxy, dark green foliage and pronounced cream veins have truly established a celebrity-status in the home décor world, for bringing a cheerful elegance to any space!

Finding “Figgy” the perfect spot is crucial in ensuring your plant continues to stay happy and healthy. Fiddle Leaf Figs do not like change, as they will get cozy and settle into its new home and begin to acclimate to its surroundings. If you move your plant for extended periods, there is a good chance the leaves may drop, and this could cause future problems.

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Care & Maintenance for Fiddle Leaf Figs:

Light: Ideally your plant should be placed in a sunny window, with bright, consistent filtered indirect light.  Be sure to turn the plant every few months, once it begins to lean towards the light. 

Temperature: Fiddle Leaf Figs are used to warm, humid rainforest conditions, so when placing your plant near a window/door you will want to make sure it is properly sealed to avoid any cold drafts that could cause the plant to dry out and leaves to drop.

Water & Fertilizer: You should only water your Fiddle Leaf once you notice the soil is dry to the touch. Water thoroughly until you see drainage into the saucer, and allow the plant to dry out again before the next watering; this can range from once a week to once every two weeks, as it will depend on the weather conditions and the levels of humidity in its surroundings. 

If you find new leaves are turning brown and dropping, this is a sign that your plant is not getting enough water. If the older leaves, which are usually towards the bottom of the plant, turn brown and fall off, this is how your plant is letting you know that you are overwatering it.

It’s best to fertilize with water-soluble plant food once a month during the growing season, which is Spring and Summer. Avoid the leaves and foliage while fertilizing your Fiddle Leaf.

Potting: When choosing the perfect vessel for your plant, be sure the pot has a hole for proper drainage, as this is KEY in keeping your plant happy. Plan on re-potting about once a year, or buying a larger pot from the start, so the roots have enough space to grow.

Maintenance: Keep the leaves of your Fiddle Leaf clean from dust and dirt by wiping them with a wet cloth. If you like the look of glossy leaves, you can even spray the foliage with a plant-safe leaf shine!

With the perfect conditions and a happy home, your Fiddle Leaf Fig will flourish to be a beautiful statement piece, much like the one we’ve had growing in the middle of our store for over 15 years!  

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