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Festively Adorned Houseplants for the Holidays

Festively Adorned Houseplants for the Holidays

6" pilea $14.99 (currently on sale for additional 40% off) | 6" green euphorbia $29.99 (currently on sale for additional 40% off)

As the holiday season approaches and we busy ourselves with the merry task of transforming our homes into magical spaces, let’s not forget about our beloved houseplants.

8" aloe $29.99 (currently on sale for additional 40% off) | Custom bow - prices vary | 6" pilea $14.99 (currently on sale for additional 40% off)

Christmas can be a tricky time of year for the green thumb. Often times over the winter, we are hard pressed to find places to put all of the plants we’ve acquired. Introduce the Christmas tree, and space is even harder to come by, amiright?! Instead of fighting the plants for space, let’s allow them to live amongst the Christmas décor and create festive moments of their own. 

6" Amaryllis $14.99  | Frosted Boxwood pick with bells $12.99 | Custom bow - prices vary

There are so many ways to spruce up our plants for the holidays! Let’s begin by addressing the pot. Try giving your plant a festive pot to live in over Christmas! I wouldn’t recommend transplanting this time of year, but if your plant is in the growers pot it can simply be inserted into something that suits your décor. Or if you love your current plant vessel, but it simply doesn’t match your Christmas theme, why not wrap it?! Covering the plant pot in Christmas paper and ribbon is the simplest and most effective way to incorporate houseplants into our festive décor. It showcases the plant, rather than attempting to hide it from the central Christmas decorations. This year, we're incorporating lots of red into our Christmas decorations at home. The kids are still young, and classic Christmas just makes the house feel so cheerful!

6" pilea $14.99 (currently on sale for additional 40% off) | 6" green euphorbia $29.99 (currently on sale for additional 40% off)

Moving up from the pot, there are also ways to add Christmas touches to the base of the plant. Adding berry, ball, or pinecone picks into the soil or the base of the plant is a great way to add in those festive colours. You can even add sprays of fir and cedar to make the plants appear more 'wintery'. Perhaps add in a sneaky little woodland gnome! I think this is so adorable, and a great way to sprinkle some festive whimsy into the home. This bottle topper gnome fits perfectly atop my cactus!

8" calathea lancifolia $39.99 (currently on sale for additional 40% off) | Small wool felted woodland gnome $19.99 | Sparkly birch sticks $1.99 | Felted bottle top gnome $14.99 | Ball picks (3 pk) $6.99

Air plants can be addressed in this way too! They are especially fun because their vessels can be anything! At Anna’s, Suzanne has created some beautiful tillandsia displays using driftwood as the base and adding in berries and ribbon. This is a great way to make use of your plants for a centerpiece on the coffee table!

Tillandsia driftwood arrangement $59.99

Tillandsia driftwood arrangement $59.99

If you have longer, lankier plants like snake plants or rubber plants, try snagging some accessories from our outdoor planter aisle. Glittery birch sticks, or longer picks are the perfect accompaniment. And of course, fairy lights are always perfect for creating a magical atmosphere. Their soft glow adds to the warm and cozy ambiance of the holiday season.

Gnome pic $14.99

I love to hang ornaments and pom-pom garland on my sturdier plants too. I think lightweight ornaments like felted mice or mini Santa hats are the cutest pairing.  This is such a charming way to add a unique twist on traditional holiday decorations.

85" Pom-pom garland $19.99 | Jingle all the way sign $9.99

Incorporating houseplants into Christmas decor is such a creative way to utilize something that can be used year-round into our festive designs. I love that it is an affordable way to sprinkle the holiday spirit into every room of our homes – now more than ever! House plants at Anna’s are currently on sale for an additional 40% off! If you’ve been itching to add more greenery to your home, or are looking for the perfect host gift, I wouldn’t waste any time humming and hawing – get them while the getting’s good!

See you at the Garden Center!

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