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Embracing Winters Offerings

Embracing Winters Offerings

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Winter has arrived and will soon fill the air with a chill that invigorates the soul. At least, this is what I'll tell myself as I try to fake it through this everlasting cold season! While I thoroughly enjoy the onset of winter… the initial thrill of frosted pines and the beauty of bright, freshly fallen snow… my excitement tends to wane shortly after the holiday season is over. So, in an effort to embrace the charm this season brings, and accept the cold that is sure to come, I’ve compiled a list of things to do in the winter to keep spirits up. And who knows, maybe by the time I’ve finished writing, I’ll be a winter enthusiast! I hope you will be too!

Read a Good Book

There really is nothing like getting sucked into the pages of a good book, is there?! Letting the story of a good fiction whisk you away to another world has a powerful effect. Or delving into the wisdom and insights found in a self help book and learning a thing or two. Making the time to indulge in something just for you is simply easier in the wintertime. So, when the going gets slow, don’t hesitate to kick back and curl up in your favourite chair with a good read. Bask in the simple moments, it’s the specialty of the season!

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Warm up with a Cocktail Night!

Is it crummy outside? Who cares! Lock yourself in with some friends and have each person in charge of creating their own cocktail for the group. Turn it into a competition and judge the drinks too! For us, nights like this are rare, but they are sooo so fun! Making the evening a bit of a competition gets people amped up. Our winner of the night was the whiskey cinnamon orange smash. It had depth and freshness, and the cinnamon syrup added a festive je ne sais quoi.

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Harness the Cold with a Polar Dip

I think I added polar dip to my winter bucket list 2 years ago. I had watched a documentary on Wim Hof (the ice man) and was so curious about his methods. I can say, I tried it that year, and was blown away by how GOOD I felt after! My body was vibrating, and I felt powerful and strong. I have since established a group of like-minded strangers and we’ve formed a bit of a community. So far this year, all getting together on the same day has been tricky. But we go when we can, with whomever is able, and it is wonderful. Every time I’m on my way to the beach, I try to talk myself out of going. I get so nervous and scared. Having the support of these ladies and cheering each other on has truly given me something to look forward to through these cold months.

Get Dressed Up and Go Out!

I have to admit, this is something I do not do enough of. But making the effort to get dolled up and go out to try a new establishment is always a blast. Whether you want to go dancing or share stories with ladies over a glass of wine and some snacks, do it in style! Stop letting your jewelry and fancy clothes gather dust and wear them once in a while!

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Go Public Skating with the Family

There really is a unique energy that comes with being out on the ice, isn’t there? Whether it’s the cool air, the lively anthems blasting through the speakers, or the fear of falling flat on my bum – I always feel so alive at the arena! This is a great way to spend some time together bonding with the kids.

Instead of wishing the winter away, let’s embrace the offerings it provides, and find joy in the midst of the chill. A big part of the beauty of living in Canada is having the privilege to experience all four seasons. Winter may be long, but if we just change our narrative, there are countless ways to make the most of this cool & enchanting season. 

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