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Decorating Essentials: Pillows, Blankets and Throws + Shop Our Favourites

Decorating Essentials: Pillows, Blankets and Throws + Shop Our Favourites

Pink boho tassel pillow 49.99 | Peach waffle blanket 49.99 | Palm leaves 7.99

With these ever-changing temperatures, sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s spring, summer or winter. One day my boys are running around in shorts and a T-shirt, the next I’m shoveling my driveway. With my sudden urge to crack open the windows, just enough to let the fresh smell of spring in, I find myself wanting to “cozify” only so I can allow that cool breeze to sweep through the house. It’s that time of the season in Essex county where your butt warmer is on in the morning and your air is cranked on your way home from work. So how do we get comfortable during these crazy fluctuations of temperatures?  Throw blankets of course!

Black and White stripe throw 49.99

Did you know there is an unspoken art to “throwing your blankets”? Have you ever stopped and wondered Where to throw it? How to throw it? Which throws to purchase? Which throws are practical for your family? With the ever-growing popular demand for throw blankets, it can often be difficult or intimidating to find that perfect piece with the selection being so large and overwhelming. Then you’re left with the tough decision of, what do I do with it when I’m not snuggled up?

Here are a few simple ways to display your throw blankets when they aren’t in use.

The Corner Toss

For families who are on the go or use their blankets often, the corner toss is a great option for you. Using throw blankets that have a loose, easy to manipulate material, simply grab your blanket by one of the corners and toss it over the corner of your sofa. Loosely fold the pleats in the material, displaying the best of its texture and pattern. Lastly, layer your couch pillows on an angle into the corner, on top of the blanket. This will make the blanket easy to grab and it’s a quick and easy way to tidy the space.

Black and white boho throw 49.99 | Cream pom pom pillow |20×20 Cream/Beige Weave Pillow 49.99

You may be thinking to yourself, “This is so silly, who needs step by step instructions on how to throw a blanket?”, but you WOULD NOT BELIEVE the number of people who reach out asking how to style their beautiful new throw, and we are here to help!!

The Arm Fold

For those who use their throws often but don’t like the organic look of the corner toss, the arm fold may be what works for you. By Folding your blanket into a large rectangle, leaving the width of the fold roughly 10″ smaller than the arm of your sofa, neatly lay your folded blanket over the arm, leaving enough length to hang above the base of the couch. This is a great option for those who see the arm of the sofa when you first enter the room and is often that one pop of colour and texture that adds character to the space.

Back Of The Sofa

This is a new little trick that I saw in one of studio Mcgee’s homes. The back of the sofa is a great storage space for throw blankets that aren’t used as often, that may be a little stiffer and harder to organically “throw” onto your couch and is the perfect addition of colour and texture to an otherwise boring back of the couch. This option is great for sofas that are placed in the centre of a room where you can see the backside of it. It is also meant for sofas that the back cushions can come off so that the blanket can lay behind the cushions rather than in front of them.

Personally, in each of my spaces at home, I use each of these techniques to store and display my throws. However, with my overwhelming obsession with textiles (don’t tell my husband), I often have to resort to baskets to store all my extras. I also like having spares for the company or when spills happen so I always have something ready to grab. Neatly folding your throws into a pretty basket with extra pillows or magazines is a great way to store spares but still make sure they’re on display and aesthetically pleasing.

Beige boho pillow 49.99 | Jute rug 49.99 | Cream throw with loose orange weave 49.99 | Basket 39.99

Throw blankets are the accessories needed to add warmth and texture to any room. It is essential that every good throw should be paired with a complimenting or contrasting pillow. Whether you prefer boho over velvet or flowered prints over furs, there’s always an option at Annas to add that perfect accent piece to your space. 

Small palm leaves 7.99 | Happy runner 39.99

When designing a space it’s important to consider all the elements. When choosing furniture, think about the wood choice and how it’ll compliment the theme of the room. Is it whitewashed, to be added into a beach-inspired home? Or is it destressed for that perfect country kitchen? One of the last to be added, but most important elements is textiles. Things like Curtains, Rugs, Pillows, Throws, and furniture fabrics are all a huge part of the planning process when trying to create a mood board or plan for your space. Soon we will be piecing together a nursery for the new baby to come, so choosing soft fluffy fabrics that have lots of movement and warmth is exactly what ill be looking for when piecing together the room.

Mothers pink blanket 79.99

Whether your looking for a pillow or throw as a gift, an addition to warm your space (and your toes), just needing something to fill a corner chair or end of the bed or something to welcome baby home in, searching for the perfect weave, softness, and durability is exactly what you’ll need for the perfect purchase.

Grey waffle throw with words 59.99 | White waffle throw with words 59.99 | This is everything sign 24.99

Choosing pillows and throws that fall under a more neutral pallet is a great way to ensure you can use them in multiple spaces. Investing in pieces that can work in any space along with being purposeful is always the best bet when searching for home decor pieces for your home. Whether your looking to spruce up your living room, bedroom, front porch or lounge, Annas always has an amazing selection of different styles and fabrics for every esthetic.

Black and white jute rug 39.99

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