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Con Amore, Dall ‘Italia (With love, from Italy)

Con Amore, Dall ‘Italia (With love, from Italy)

As I sit in my usual routine of writing while I enjoy my morning coffee, the view is a little different. I’m perched here, under a canopy of vibrant lemon trees overlooking the mountainside of the stunning Amalfi Coast in Italy. Life is good. Let me take you along on this most incredible journey!

The first stop on our trip was Rome, where we spent a couple of days immersed in the rich history of the capital. From the Colosseum, the Forum, the Pantheon, to the Vatican, every corner we turned seemed to bring us back to a time centuries ago. We wandered the streets in awe of the magnificent architecture and art that encompasses the city.

Rome is a bustling metropolis, where people from all over the world come and explore the labyrinth of cobblestone streets in search of freshly made pasta, antipasto, or handmade pizza. They don’t have to look far.

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Restaurants and cafes are everywhere in this city. And as far as I can tell, they are all fantastic. You can’t go wrong when the food is so fresh. The general food themes seem to be simplicity, and quality ingredients. Dishes like Cacio e pepe and margherita pizza have few ingredients but are packed with delicious flavour. Tomatoes definitely steal the show, with mozzarella just one small step behind. I’m taking some inspiration from the locals and plan to attempt to recreate some of these dishes at home. (Thankful that I live in the tomato capital of Canada!)
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The second of our three-part journey is the luscious mountain top town of Ravello, where things move at a slower pace. This was a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of Rome. An exciting (albeit, slightly terrifying) drive up the mountain and a short walk up approximately 60 stairs brought us to our romantic Airbnb.
Here, we relaxed on the patio in the early morning and watched from above as the world came to life. After a cappuccino and cornetto we packed our bag and set foot on the ‘Walk of Lemons’ down to the beach town of Minori. This was, perhaps my favourite activity thus far. Hidden staircases and rustic paths along the mountainside brought us through a secluded journey amid vibrant, fresh scented lemon trees, figs and olive trees.
Olive tree 1G $29.99 | White pot $59.99
Our calves were shaking by the time we reached the bottom and walked through town to the beach. An ice-cold lemon spritz and dip in the crystal clear Mediterranean sea have never felt so deserving.
Lemons are the specialty in the Amalfi coast. Every shop seems to have a variety of limoncello proudly displayed in the window alongside beautifully handcrafted ceramics with lemons adorned throughout.
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The smell of the air is sweet and the salt of the sea is on my lips.
Ravello, you have my heart.

The last days of our vacation are being spent in Positano. Another small town along the Amalfi coast, although this one is lower in the mountain, along the sea. And it does not disappoint!
Positano is a busy town where tourists from all over come to enjoy the world-famous views, shops, restaurants, and of course beaches. It is a very lively place! Our favourite activity here would have to be the boat cruise.
Our skipper took us along the coast to explore and swim in tunnels, grottos, and private beaches. The water is crystal clear and the view of the city from the sea is indescribable. It seems every direction I look, is more beautiful than the last.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my unforgettable vacation. And if you are perhaps inspired to bring a bit of Italy into your home, as I know I am, I have included some items that Anna's carries which offer a taste, smell, and view of this marvelous country. Anna & Henry moved to Canada in 1973 & 1955 and much of their life's work has been spent growing and sourcing products from their heritage for the rest of us to enjoy.

Until next week, Arrivederci!


    Posted by Angela Vettese on

    We are in Italy with you but in the town of Cassino. However the Amalfi Coast is my favourite place in the whole world!! Seeing Positano, Ravello, Amalfi and Sorrento from the sea is as you say indescribable! Enjoy every moment! Next week for me!

  • Posted by Bobbe McCarty on

    I love your report from Bella Italia. My sister, daughter and I are leaving on Sept. 15 for Rome and the Amalfi Coast. Your photos are beautiful – can’t wait for pizza and limoncello.

  • Posted by Blair Allan on

    Lucky you to be spending time in that beautiful part of the world. Thanks for sharing your holiday. As I write this, I am wearing a shirt purchased in Positano. I hope you got a few nice souvenirs along with great memories!

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