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Autumns Final Show

Autumns Final Show

Working in the retail industry, we must always be ahead of the seasons. Part of our job is to inspire and excite people about what is up and coming. With that being said, it can sometimes feel like we are rushing time away, moving on to the next big thing before we have had a chance to fully appreciate what is happening now. For example, at the shop, I’m busy setting up Christmas trees, and outside it seems the leaves have just changed colour. (Is it just me, or are they extra vibrant this year?)

Don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE Christmas fan, and am loving every minute of it. But I can’t help but take note when some customers comment “already?!” And I’m here to tell you, it’s not too late! Yes, we must stay competitive with the retail world, but if you are still embracing the cool kiss of fall, the selection of beautiful autumn décor is plentiful. Bonus: by the time this blog reaches you, it will likely be moved to a sale rack. And don’t we all love a discount!

All autumn décor is now on sale for 50% OFF

Whether you’re on the lookout for something timeless that can be used all season for years to come, or specialty Halloween décor, Anna’s has it all!


All autumn décor is now on sale for 50% OFF

I like to buy a couple new items every year to keep things looking fresh and current. And with prices like this, it is very feasible. Some of my favourite items are still available too!

Natural coir doormat $39.99 (plus additional 50% off)

There are still a great assortment of artificial pumpkins in the store. Whether you're looking for soft and neutral, translucent and light up, or black and moody; we've got you covered! They look great on shelves - clustered or as bookends, as a centerpiece on the dining table - nestled in some pampas grass, or as a simple addition to an entry or coffee table.


Also, the selection of artificial grasses and corn stalks is fantastic! The sale applies to  the different autumn shades.
Chinese Lantern Pic -  $9.99
I love the versatility of decorative grasses and picks. You can simply put them in a tall vase or get crafty with them. If you search on Pinterest, there are dozens of ways a creative mind can use these grasses and stalks to decorate. Use them to create gorgeous tablescapes, create a wall hanging out of them, or try your hand at a pampas cloud! I am in LOVE with this one from
I am also really into this pampas and corn husk wreath! This one is from is on sale for $165! That's too steep for my blood. 
This would be so simple to make and can be done at a fraction of the price. Anna's has all of the supplies required, and the corn husks are on sale for 50% off! I would start with a grapevine wreath base (so if the wind blows, or there are any bare spots, it’s still pretty) and simply wire the stems to it. I wanted to check that it was that simple, so I brought the supplies home and mocked it up, look at how gorgeous this is - and it's not even wired together yet!
Grapevine wreath $14.99 | Corn stalk $24.99 per bundle of 4 (plus additional 50%off) |
Pampas grass bundle $12.99 | Wire $3.99 per spool
And don’t even get me started on Halloween styling! The store has an impressive offering of festive décor that is suitable for just about any home. If you’re planning to throw a Halloween bash, there are some really fun black spider tea towels on sale that I just love! I placed two together and it made for a great mini table runner. If you already have black accents, all you need are a couple festive little things and it takes on a whole new vibe!
Spider tea towel $19.99 (plus additional 50%off) | 6' black Chinese lantern garland $49.99 (plus additional 50% off)
There is an array of (dare I say) classy Halloween decorations to choose from. Black Chinese lanterns, gold wooden signs, and fun skull stands. My absolute favourite though, are these adorable ‘good witch’ and ‘spooky’ accent pillows. Whether on an entrance bench, a couch, or a bed, they are sure to add some Halloween flare to your space.
Good witch's pillow - $34.99 | 32 x 14" Black boho lumbar pillow $79.99 (plus additional 30% off)
Black candlestick holder $29.99 | Skull stand $24.99  (plus additional 50%off) | 6' black Chinese lantern garland $49.99 plus additional 50% off)
Fall is, in my opinion, the best season of all. Let's not rush it away JUST yet. Let's embrace it's gifts a little while longer – the vibrant colours in the trees, the satisfying crunch of dried leaves under foot and the musky, sweet smell of a leave pile are all treats Mother Nature has given us – we best enjoy them before they are gone!


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    The fact that the people in the retail industry always need to be on top is something that I’ve also witnessed myself working in it. And it’s a fact.

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