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Autumn Décor Inspiration

Autumn Décor Inspiration

As the night air slowly begins cool, we anticipate the arrival of crisp, cozy autumn. While I never want to wish away any season, especially not these last smoldering days of summer; autumn merchandize has hit the shelves at Anna’s and I am finding myself yearning for the onset of my favourite season.


There are so many ways to transition our homes to fall, and introducing sweet, buttery scents is one of the first changes I make. Something about cuddling up on the couch with the warm light of candles aglow and the smell of birch and cinnamon in the air just ignites my soul. It is around this time of year that we swap out our citrus and cotton candles for the classic scents of pumpkin, vanilla, bourbon, and apple pie. Autumn’s arrival is slow and sweeps in at dusk. So, adding seasonal elements for evening time is a practical place to start.


Crocheted pumpkins $12.99 & $19.99 | Mug $19.99


"Hey There Pumpkin" lumbar pillow $39.99 | Aztec pillow $69.99

If you aren’t ready to go full on pumpkin mode yet but are itching to get cozy fall vibes in your house, try adding layers of soft texture through items like throw blankets and pillows. I just unboxed some of the most gorgeous down filled pillows, and there is no doubt that I will be adding some of them to my living room décor. My only dilemma is which ones to choose! From real goose down to faux (for any allergic friends), the shelves at Anna’s are stocked with the most stunning selection of pillows. Whether you’re on the hunt for deep earthy tones or rich creams…burlap, linen, wool, or fur - I guarantee there is something to suit your style here.


Chunky knit throw blanket $79.99 | Down filled pillow $69.99

This is the time of year when our late summer fruits and florals are at their prime. Adding deeper toned apples and peaches to our counters is a natural and subtle way to celebrate the onset of autumn. Filling our vases and pitchers with seasonal yellow sunflowers or richly saturated preserved flowers like celosia is another way to let fall sneak into the home. Now is when I begin to change my home from the cheery, vibrant hues of summer to earthy mustards, deep greens, browns, maroon, and oranges.


Tea towel $14.99 | Peaches $5.50 per basket


Dried floral bouquets - prices vary

Rather than look at my rooms as a whole, I like to focus on little vignettes. This makes decorating much less intimidating. Instead of scattering all things autumn randomly throughout the house, I tunnel in on one area at time. A coffee table, a section on a shelf, the kitchen counter, etc. Adding a little taste of fall here and there until, eventually, the house is bursting with seasonal décor.


Wall art $29.99 | Misshapen wooden gourds $19.99


Crossroads 16oz candle $19.99 | Mercury glass pumpkin $29.99 | Wooden bead garland $12.99 | Vase $39.99 | Pom picks $3.99

And let’s not forget the table. The heart of the home where we gather with loved ones to break bread. Anna’s has a wonderful array of table runners, garlands and serving trays to add festive elegance to your dining area. Whether you’re setting for a big family dinner, or coffee for one, the table simply comes alive, briming with festive cheer, when it’s adorned with seasonal accents.


Autumn garlands - prices vary | Cotton printed table runner $49.99 | Twist taper candle set $5.99 | Block print cloth napkins (4pk) $39.99


Pumpkin dish with lid (dishwasher & food safe) $24.99 | Acorns $4.99 & $7.99

Instead of mourning the near end of a wonderful summer, let’s enjoy what we have left of it, and  anticipate all of the coziness this autumn will surely bring.

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