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A New Fall Tradition

A New Fall Tradition

Family traditions are something that I hold so dear to my heart. The gathering of loved ones to fill our cups literally and figuratively, is something I hope to never take for granted.

When my husband, daughter and I moved here 5 years ago we understood that family visits were going to be trickier…and we knew nobody. I didn’t have a single human outside of my home (locally) that I could call my friend. It was scary, and exciting, and at times, lonely. I am proud to say, that in these five years, while growing closer as a family, we have also made the very best of friends. Friends I can call on to vent, friends to be silly with, friends to adventure with, and friends to play with my children. Our hearts are full. In light of these many meaningful relationships, we’ve decided to start a new tradition. A tradition with our chosen family. A tradition amongst friends. I give you…outdoor movie night!

This was such a fun night! And, surprisingly easy to pull off.

For seating I simply moved our outdoor furniture in a semi circle to act as the back row, I thought about using air mattresses in front, but with the young kids, I knew they would just end up being trampolines. Alternatively, I left the grass a little longer so it would be nice, lush, and soft and filled the area with blankets and pillows. 
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Our guests would need a surface to place drinks on, so I had some side tables in the back and a couple trays on the blankets. These wooden ones with legs worked perfectly.
For the screening, we had planned to use our projector. It had been A WHILE since we’d used it though, and we quickly realized that this ancient piece of machinery was no longer compatible with our updated speakers and laptop.  So, we set up a folding table and simply brought our TV and sound bar outside! Nothing was stopping us! Not even the wind, which threatened to blow down the TV…lol. Nothing a couple bungee cords couldn’t handle!
For ambiance, we had a fire stoked in behind to cut the chill, and to make it more special. This was a farewell to summer event, so a fire seemed only natural. We also had some string lights to cut the darkness & candle stakes with LED lights inside for added light & magical vibes. These gold ones from Anna’s give off the most beautiful shadows!
Golden Tin Candle Stakes $39.99
For snacks, I stocked up on theater style munchies like chips & popcorn and cookies & candy. Nothing healthy happening here! Not on movie night. I knew it was going to be chilly out, so I bought some disposable coffee cups with lids and made a big pot of hot chocolate. 
Popcorn $5.99 | Green & blacks hot chocolate $12.99 | Walkers chocolate chip shortbread cookies $5.99 
All in all, the night was a great success! Lots of laughter and memories were made. And at the end of the evening all the adults lamented “why didn’t we do this more often?” It was such a great way to celebrate the transition of the seasons. A bringing together of friends, and an activity that can be shared amongst kids and adults alike. While I so cherish the traditions with my family, it's nice to create new ones with 'new family' too. Adding countless ways to fill my love bucket is always a priority!  We plan to host this for years to come. And like most any tradition, we are already looking forward to the next one!


    Posted by Kelly leblanc on

    Awesome idea! Thanks for passing along!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, and your family 🦃

  • Posted by Janet Kraus on

    such a wonderful evening you had—a great tradition !—kudos to you

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