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Helleborus Dorothy Dawn

The Helleborus is a showy plant that produces thick, leathery, evergreen leaves with large, cup-shaped flowers, making them the perfect addition to brighten up your shade-loving garden. Known for their unique foliage and large, single, deep burgundy-red flowers, these charming blooms turn deeper pink and take on green tones as they mature.  This colourful shade perennial plant offers long-lasting flowers, with a 6-8-week bloom time, popping up at the same time as daffodils and tulips.

Sun Exposure should be partial or full shade, they are an easy to grow plant that will do best in shady borders, containers under trees or large shrubs, woodland gardens or naturalized areas.

Soil Type should be normal to sandy and moisture should be average to moist, luckily on the pH side of things, Helleborus  a pretty forgiving plant being able to grow in neutral, alkaline or acidic conditions.

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