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10"Hollywood Hibiscus Standard (Multiple Colours)

Hollywood Hibiscus shine with vibrant colour, long-lasting blooms, and outstanding bud and bloom count. Whether it's adding lush colour to a tropical landscape or brightening your balcony, Hollywood Hibiscus are the perfect guests in your garden. 

Bloom time: Spring 'til first frost

Light: Full Sun-6 or more hours of direct sunlight daily

Size: 4' H x 5' W when planted in the landscape. Patio plantings can be pruned to maintain an optimal size

Spacing: 3-4'

Water: Keep soil moist until established

Prune: As needed and desired to maintain shape

Fertilizer:  Apply for slow release once per year in early Spring

Ideas for Use: Hollywood Hibiscus are perfect to add to your landscape as colorful tropical annuals, and also make beautiful container plants to display on your patio or around your pool.

Please know that no two plants are alike and the one you receive may not look exactly as shown.

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