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Midnight Paloma Body Dry Brush

Series: Skin Tools
Benefit: Lymphatic Drainage + Exfoliation
Pair With: Everything Balm

Say hello to your new energizing exfoliation tool. We're all about the detox. Our vegan brush is made from synthetic fibers that will improve the texture + appearance of the skin, increase blood flow, exfoliate and flush out your lymphatic system. With historical roots in many cultures, this style of brush provides a gentle exfoliation, suitable for all skin types.

Follow our step-by-step guide to get the most out of your practice. Our benefits card explains products to pair with, historical origins, and how to care for the tool.

Brush made from synthetic fibers.

  • Gently Exfoliating
  • Boost Circulation
  • Helps Combat Cellulite

Skin Type: All

How Often: Anytime pre-shower

  • Step 1 -On dry skin, take brush onto skin starting at the feet.
  • Step 2 -Brush in upward long strokes, towards the heart.
  • Step 3 -Continue all over the body.
  • Step 4 -Hop in the shower.

Dry Brushing is a ritual that has historical roots in several cultures. The Ancient Egyptians used a brush similar to this one, The Romans likely adapted the technique into a metallic tool that scraped the skin before cleansing. In the Indian Ayurveda tradition, raw silk or linen gloves were used to stimulate circulation. And in traditional Chinese medicine, dried fibers from a gourd would be used in a brushing fashion to the same end.

Each of these cultures adopted the ritual of stimulating the skin to boost invigoration, stimulate circulation and blood flow.

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