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Naked Bear F1 Pumpkin

Here is a pumpkin with at least four uses. The thick flesh of the plump fruits is creamy and sweet for pies and other fall recipes. Naked Bear pumpkin seeds are born bare naked — hull-less for snacking and baking. The shallow ridges of the dark orange, bowling-ball-sized fruits make them perfect for fall decorating and their thick stems make them perfect for Jack o' lanterns. The fruits are slightly flattened, up to 1.8kg (4 lb) each on relatively compact, medium sized vines. Plants boast an intermediate resistance to powdery mildew. Give pumpkin plants lots of fertile soil enriched with organic matter, and keep the soil evenly damp. Avoid overhead watering.

105 days to maturity. (Hybrid seeds)

    • Hull-less seeds
    • Sweet flesh for pies
    • Highly ornamental
    • IR: PW
    • Matures in 105 days

Exposure: Full-sun

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  • $5.49
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