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Munstead Lavender

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Munstead has green foliage and blue flowers more vibrant than other varieties of lavender. It has a more extended flowering period so you can enjoy the fragrance and colour through summer and into autumn.

Plant in rows to create a charming hedge or along pathways to create an aromatic entrance to your patio or front entrance.

Always follow the plant tag to see how much the variety will spread; there needs to be enough space between plants to allow for proper air circulation.

Lavender needs a minimum of six hours of sunlight for optimal growth.

Once established, lavender is drought tolerant and works very well in xeriscaping.

This perennial prefers soil that has good drainage and dry, sandy soil as opposed to nutrient-dense soil. Clay soil can be tough on lavender; therefore, try planting in a raised bed or container where necessary.

Lavender is low-maintenance, so no need to fertilize or add mulch as this will cause the plant to retain too much moisture in the roots, which can lead to root rot.

While lavender attracts pollinators, it acts as an effective deterrent against deer and rabbit.