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Easy Care Envirolawn

Envirolawn is a mix of slow-growing grasses & drought tolerant flowers - low growing, low maintenance. Use as lawn or in paths between beds. A great alternative to a standard grass lawn. Use 31kg (68 lb) per acre. 500g covers 355 square feet. Mix with Alternative Lawn wildflower mix seeds to expand on the flowering aspect - or vice versa. This mix can also be used to add bulk to the Alternative Lawn blend.

Blend ingredients:

Hard Fescue

Perennial Ryegrass Turf Type

Crimson Clover

White Yarrow

Baby Blue Eyes

English Daisy


    • Mix of slow growing grasses and drought tolerant flowers
    • Low growing, low maintenance
    • A great alternative to a standard grass lawn
    • Use 31kg (68 lb) per acre
    • Open-pollinated seeds
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