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Heeman's Carolinian Gold Creamed Honey

Heeman’s Honey began in 2018, when Tom Heeman, who travelled extensively through Southwestern Ontario for work got to know and appreciate the sometimes subtle, or not so subtle differences of the landscape- developing a passion for honey bees and native pollinators. 

Tom began to appreciate how terroir, a term most typically used in the wine industry, had an effect on the flavour, colour and texture of honey. Now, having over 100 hives of his own and working with beekeepers throughout Southwestern Ontario, he is able to showcase some of the beautiful terroirs that are unique to the area. The Berry Blossom Honey is a Heeman’s signature honey and exhibits some of the soft, sweet, floral notes from the 15 acres of strawberry and raspberry blossoms that surround the hives. 

These 100% Ontario unpasteurized honey are perfect for all traditional honey uses. 

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