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4" Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa plant is also known as the "tropical split-leaf philodendron." This climbing evergreen is a popular easy-to-grow houseplant and a favorite of many interior designers for both residential and commercial spaces.


Light: Bright, indirect sunlight. Too much direct light in warmer months may burn the foliage.

Water: Give the plant regular waterings during the growing season. The soil will need to dry out slightly in between. Water only occasionally in fall and winter.

Fertilizer: If needed or desired, use a balanced liquid fertilizer every few weeks during the growing season for indoor plants.

Maintenance:  Wiping dust or debris with a damp sponge or paper towel will keep the plant clean and avoidant of pests. Every two years or so, the Monstera deliciosa will likely outgrow its pot. Transplant into a pot a few inches wider and deeper. 

Growth: 4-8' tall / Up to 2' wide 

Please know that no two plants are alike and the one you receive may not look exactly as shown.

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