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Savannah Bee Company

Savannah Bee Company

It all started with a man named Ted Dennard from Georgia, who had a serious passion for bees, beekeeping, and honey! We’d love to introduce you to Savannah Bee Company, an honest and humble honey business that aims to make products that bring the healing magic from the beehive, directly to you and your home!


So what’s all the hype about honey? It truly is nature’s sweetest treat and is known to be a “golden elixir” in the home- from beauty and skincare benefits to health and wellness advantages. Honey should be considered a staple in every household.

Have you ever thought to incorporate honey into your beauty routine? Take a tip from the Egyptians, who were known to bathe in milk and honey due to its natural ability to heal and rejuvenate skin.

Savannah Bee Company’s Body care line is comprised of four powerhouse ingredients all extracted from the beehive: honey, beeswax, royal jelly, and propolis. You’re likely familiar with the characteristics of honey and beeswax but we thought we should fill you in on the last two ingredients:

  • Royal jelly is what the worker honey bees feed to the soon to be Queen Bees, meaning this age-defying super-food is packed with vitamins (especially vitamin B varieties) and amino acids. Studies have shown that it may even support collagen production and help to protect skin from UV radiation damage.
  • Propolis is the red/brown substance that honey bees collect from tree bud sap to seal honeycombs. Its antimicrobial properties will help in assisting the balance of healing and soothing problematic skin. Also known to accelerate the rate of cell growth and decongest pores, propolis is very effective when it comes to fighting acne.

Be sure to check out our wide selection of Savannah Bee Company’s Body Butter, Body Balm, Heel Balm, and Salve.

Know that you already have a love for honey in the kitchen, but are interested in trying some different flavours and varieties? As beekeeper Ted puts it “Honeybees have floral fidelity and each one of their hives shows a relationship they had with a certain flower.” So we challenge you to go outside of your normal honey purchase and try a different flavour- from Tupelo Gum tree honey to honey extracted from Lavender fields and Acacia trees!

Or perhaps next time you’re hosting some friends or family and are hoping to assemble an impressive charcuterie board you’ll consider adding a honeycomb square – the rawest form of honey there is! Entirely edible, containing Vitamin A, this source of roughage will help to regulate digestion, looks beautiful and is delicious! Paired with bread, cheese, and fruits- your guests will sure to be impressed.

Check out Savannah Bee Company’s Honey Straws, Honeycomb Squares, and a wide variety of honey flavours at Anna’s Flowers. 

“When I add a spoon of honey to my tea, I give thanks to a dozen bees for the work of their whole lives. When my finger sweeps the final drop of sweetness from the jar, I know we’ve enjoyed the nectar from over a million flowers. This is what honey is: the souls of flowers, a food to please the gods. Honeyeaters know that to have a joyful heart one must live life like the bees, sipping the sweet nectar from each moment as it blooms. And Life, like the world of honey, has its enchantments and stings…. ”

-Ingrid Goff-Maidoff

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