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Paddywax Candles

Paddywax Candles

Nostalgia, tranquillity, and contentment are a few feelings that the scent of a Paddywax candle can help you relive. It’s known that certain scents can bring back forgotten memories with beloved friends and family, whether that be surrounding a dinner table, sharing a warm cup of coffee, or re-watching a favourite movie. Paddywax candles were practically designed to help you turn moments into lasting memories, with fresh scents and reusable vessels.

This hand-poured soy candle can fill a room with an aromatic serenity that will have you feeling cozy and calm. They’re crafted in Tennessee, and each line is poured into a beautiful container that can be used to enhance the décor of an interior. The vessels can be re-purposed by easily planting a small succulent, re-pouring your very own candle wax, or using as a table top flower vase, with their stylish and hardy exteriors.

Currently available at Anna’s are two distinctive lines; The Parks collection and The Sorona collection.

Parks Collection

The Parks collection features modern clay pots with scents that include Seagrass + Driftwood, Maplewood + Moss, White Pine + Hemlock, Cottonwood + Oak, and our personal favourite Cactus Flower + Fern. The vessels range in hues with earthy tones from terracotta to mossy green, while featuring a crackling wood wick. Proceeds from this collection support the preservation of national parks in the USA. You can find the Parks line in an 11 oz size.

Sorona Collection

The Sorona collection does not disappoint as it draws inspiration from the desert with scents that include Tabacco & Patchouli, Pepper & Pomelo, Wildflowers & Birch, Wisteria & Willow, and Fresh Meyer Lemon. Their ceramic vessels display a chiselled pattern on pastel coloured pots with a cotton wick. This series is ideal for repotting small houseplants or cacti in after the candle is finished burning. You can find the Sorona line in a 10 oz size, and a 3oz size.

Paddywax candles make a meaningful gift for a loved one or light one for yourself while curled up reading a great book. Experience true quality, a clean burn, and an uplifting atmosphere while enjoying your flickering, earth-friendly Paddywax Candle.

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