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How To Clean Your Diffuser

How To Clean Your Diffuser

ne of the most common and preferred ways to enjoy essential oils is by using a diffuser.  Not only is a diffuser incredibly functional, but it can also act as a fun little accent piece.  Since diffusers come in many different colours, shapes, sizes, and materials you can select one to suit your unique needs and not have to sacrifice any aesthetics.  Talk about a WIN-WIN!

It’s no secret that we are crazy about our DoTerra Essential Oils here at Anna’s.  What you may not know is that over time your diffuser can develop an oil build-up which will prevent it from working correctly.  As a result, it is best to give your diffuser some TLC in between uses and a good cleaning every 4 – 6 weeks (depending on how often you use it).  This ensures that you’re getting the very most out of your essential oils and also extends the longevity of your diffuser. 

Not sure how to go about cleaning your diffuser?  Here are some helpful cleaning tips…


Step #1: Fill your diffuser halfway with clean water.
Step #2: Add 10 drops of white vinegar.
Step #3: Run your diffuser for 5-10 minutes to allow the water + vinegar mixture to filter throughout.
Step #4: Drain your diffuser.
Step #5: Use a Q-tip dipped in vinegar to clean the tight spots and corners of your diffuser.
Step #6: Rinse your diffuser internally, with clean water.
Step #7: Use a dry cloth to wipe down your diffuser externally, and then dry it thoroughly.
Step #8: Enjoy!

  • Always be sure to unplug your diffuser before cleaning.
  • If you run your diffuser daily, it is recommended to clean it monthly.
  • Rinse out your diffuser well in-between uses.
  • When removing excess water, pour from the backside of your diffuser to avoid spilling on the buttons.
  • Use 3-5 drops (depending on room size) of Doterra Lemon or Purify Essential Oil as an in-between clean to keep things nice and fresh.
  • Regularly wipe down the exterior of your diffuser with a damp cloth to avoid any sticky residue or dust build up.

Curious about Essential Oils?  Check out our Essential Oils 101 Blog Post and feel free to comment below with any questions you may have!

Happy Diffusing!


Disclaimer: The information in this blog post is meant for educational and informational purposes only and the products mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.   Please do your homework before beginning your Essential Oils journey and be sure to consult your healthcare provider.

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