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DIY Essential Oil Tree Spray

DIY Essential Oil Tree Spray

With the weather growing colder with every passing day, it’s just about time to get into the Holiday spirit! There’s something nostalgic about the twinkling colours of lights illuminating your neighbourhood, a fluffy snowfall lightly covering the frozen ground, and a warming scent of cheer dancing through the air. No, we are not talking about the mouth-watering smell of baked goods, we’re talking about a whole new tradition. DIY Essential Oil Tree Spray!

Tree spray can be used to enhance the natural scent of a real tree or to bring a Wintery freshness to an artificial tree. Replace your toxic sprays and candles with this chemical-free and all natural spritzer! Today, we are using DoTerra Essential Oils, a spray bottle, witch hazel, and water to create a mist that transforms the aroma of your living room into a Winter Wonderland.

In a Spray Bottle of your choice combine:

  • 8 oz of Water
  • 2 oz of Witch Hazel
  • 10 Drops of DoTerra Wintergreens Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of DoTerra Cedarwood Essential Oil
  • 2 Drops of DoTerra Cassia Essential Oil

Hold the bottle roughly 6 inches away from your tree and spritz 8-10 times starting from the top and making your way down to the bottom. Spray your tree daily for a refreshing scent of the Holidays. You can also use as a cheery room spray to bring a jolly scent into any area of your home. 

Decorating a tree with loved ones can be a memory to cherish for years to come. Whether you’re re-discovering ornaments that only make an appearance once a year, or placing intentional presents topped with a bow under the branches, create a new tradition in your home. Trim your tree and spritz it too, with your all-natural DIY Essential Oil Tree Spray!

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